Object Technical Data

Supernova Remnant:  M1 / NGC1952 (SNR) in Taurus
 053432.0 +220052 (2000)
 184.5575 -05.7843 (2000)
 VMag: 8.4   Dimensions: 6' x 6'
 Dist: 6300 LY   Vrsn: n/a   Rsft(z): n/a
 GalArm: Perseus

Pulsar Designation:  PSR0531+21
Note: ICRS & Galactic coordinates above locate pulsar

Pulsar Period:  0.033 secs

Data Format:  ObjName (Type) in Constellation
 ICRS:      hhmmss.s +/-ddmmss (epoch)
 Galactic:   DDD.dddd +/-DD.dddd (epoch)
 VisualMag   Dimensions
 Distance   RecessVel(signed)   RedShift(signed)
Notes:  Galactic coordinates may not be posted for local objects.
VisualMagnitude may not be posted for nebulae.
Negative RecessVel indicates approach.
RecessVel & RedShift may not be specified for local objects.
GalacticArm specified for local objects only.